New Pay n Go Peach Pass Now Available!

The new Pay n Go Peach Pass, now available at participating CVS and Walgreens locations, gives motorists an easy option for accessing to the I-85 Express Lanes and future toll roads in Georgia for more reliable travel times and increased commuting choices.

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Visit our Tolltalk Blog for updates on current and future tolling projects in Georgia, and related transportation news.

License Plate and Vehicle Tax Changes

New license plates and new vehicle ad valorem tax rules are now in effect. Click here for more information on adding your new license plate to your Peach Pass account and on Georgia’s new Title Ad Valorem Tax program.

View "Real-Time" Express Lane Toll Rate Signs

Now you can view "real-time" Express Lane toll rates 24/7 through the EarthCam video streaming webcam service. Click here to view three toll rate signs now being streamed online.

A Gentle Reminder…

SRTA reminds all customers to pay your toll each and every time! We are currently enforcing violators in all lanes including insufficients. If you fail to pay your toll, you will be charged $25 plus the toll amount owed. To pay a violation notice, click on “Pay Your Violation Now.”

Manage Your Account

You can continue to use your Cruise Card to access the I-85 Express Lanes and future tolling facilities in Georgia. To manage your account, click here.

Peach Pass

Have you heard about Peach Pass? Click here to learn more...

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