Grant Program Guidelines

GTIB offers a transparent application process for jumpstarting, speeding up or completing innovative, mobility enhancing projects. All Georgia counties, cities, CIDs, regional planning units and transit agencies are eligible and encouraged to apply. The application process is outlined below.

Application Date

The application window for the current round of GTIB loans will be January 17 to March 17,  2017. Please refer to the “Loan Program Guidelines” section of this website for the latest information concerning loan applications.

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The objectives in administering the Georgia Transportation Infrastructure Bank shall be to:

  1. Make an additional funding resource available to government units in order to initiate and complete transportation projects.
  2. Give priority to bridge and highway (road) projects that are close to the start of, at, or under construction, have a higher degree of contributed matching funds, and have been initiated by government units, particularly cities and counties. (Transit and airport projects are currently ineligible for GTIB assistance due to the fact that the primary GTIB funding is from Motor Fuel Taxes).
  3. Select projects for financing that add transportation and economic value to local communities and/or the State.
  4. Ensure consistency, fairness, and efficiency in the evaluation of applications.
  5. Provide for a smooth operational process that maintains loan and grant documents, manages the GTIB's capital prudently, tracks loan expenditures/repayments, and provides adequate reporting.

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Grant Program Guidelines

Grant Program Fees

Application Fee: The current Application Fee is $250. A check must be made payable to the State Road & Tollway Authority (SRTA) and be received by the GTIB at the appropriate address as provided below within 2 weeks of online application submittal. $50.00 of the Application Fee is nonrefundable. Once the analysis phase of the Application begins, the remaining $200.00 of the Application Fee becomes non-refundable.


Eligible Borrowers:

An "Eligible Borrower" means a "government unit"; including a municipal corporation, county, community improvement district, or any public operator of transit, including combinations of two or more of these entities, acting jointly to construct, own or operate a qualified project, or any other state authority, board, commission, agency, or department which may construct, own, or operate a qualified project. All eligible borrowers must apply for eligible projects, which is dependent upon the source of GTIB funding.

Eligible Costs:

"Eligible Costs" are costs related to preliminary engineering, traffic and revenue studies, environmental studies, right of way acquisition, legal and financial services associated with the development of the qualified project, construction, construction management, facilities, and other costs necessary for the qualified project.

Eligible Projects:

"Eligible Projects" are currently restricted to those roadway projects that satisfy the requirements of being "motor-fuel tax eligible" as set forth in O.C.G.A. §32-1-1 et seq.. (Transit and airport projects are currently ineligible for GTIB assistance due to the fact that the primary GTIB funding is from Motor Fuel Tax.)

Requirement of Complete Funding:

Proposed project funding (including requested GTIB Grant) must be equal to the cost to complete the project.


It is strongly encouraged that matching funds be used for a portion of the project's financing. Preference may be given to projects that have a higher match and have managed to secure non-state funding sources.

Grant Parameters

There is currently no minimum threshold for grant requests. There is a cap on grant requests above $2 million. For these grant requests, the maximum that can be applied for is 33 percent of the total project value. For grant requests under $2 million, there is no cap, however, applicants are encouraged to contribute as much local match as possible in order for the project to be competitive.


Click here to download the Application.


The Applicant must provide the GTIB with a complete Application, including all supporting documentation. A copy of the Application, that includes a list of documentation needed, can be found at the top of this website. Upon receipt of the Application package, the GTIB will review the Application to determine, among other things, whether the Applicant meets the eligibility requirements described above, whether the project meets the eligibility requirements of the requested funding and whether the costs that the Applicant seeks to pay for using GTIB funds constitute Eligible Costs as described in this section of this website.

If the Application is complete and all eligibility requirements are met, the financial aspects of the Application will be reviewed. After the financial analysis is complete, the GTIB will prepare a package for the Advisory Committee. The Advisory Committee is made up of personnel from various government entities that have particular expertise in the various aspects of GTIB's programs. The Advisory Committee will review the Application Package and make a recommendation to SRTA. If the Advisory Committee does not recommend approval, a letter of denial will be sent to the Applicant. The letter will list the reason(s) for denial. If the Application received a favorable consensus from the Advisory Committee, the GTIB will prepare a package to be reviewed by SRTA.

 Application Review and Selection Process

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Applicants may email with questions.

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